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Gulf Wars XXIII

March 9, 2014 - March 16, 2014
King's Arrow Ranch. 26 Kings Highway, Lumberton, Mississippi

Go to the EVENT WEB SITE for more information about the event.
Please read the refund policy at the bottom of this page.

Day of ArrivalAdult (13 and up)Children (6-12)Children (5 and under)
Non-Members pay an additional $5 cash at the door
Early-On fee of $7 adult / $0 child before Sunday
Gleann Abhann Family Max of 3 adult fees applies for member families

ACCEPS does not accept non-US credit cards at this time.
If you live outside the US, your credit card will probably not work.

Please provide the following information for the person entering this registration.
The email address will be sent a confirmation email when the registration is completed.

Name     SCA Name     Email

This event is not yet available for registration.

A fee of $ 0.30 plus 2.60 % of the total will be added to each transaction to cover ACCEPS cost of processing.

Refund Policy

The GW Exchequer must RECEIVE requests for refunds in writing postmarked or e-
mailed no later than March 1, 2014 and you should include the same information 
in your request as you included in your registration form.  
After March 1, 2014 all refund requests are processed at the discretion of the 
Gulf Wars Exchequer and the Autocrat, and only for serious situations that would 
result in someone not attending the War. 
No refunds for any reason for requests postmarked or emailed after March 9, 

There is a processing fee of $5 on ALL refunds. 
The ACCEPS processing fee is non-refundable.          
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