This service is provided by the Kingdom of Ansteorra, a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., to allow participants at SCA events to pre-pay event fees using a credit card.


Steps for using ACCEPS for your event

Part 1. Getting your event into ACCEPS

  1. Download and print the event request form found here. (This file is in PDF format.)
    Download and fill out this form found here. (This file is in Word format.)
  2. Contact the ACCEPS Treasurer to discuss any questions with the required information and arrange payment. The cost is $15 for a branch to place an event on ACCEPS for most events. Larger events such as wars may be charged more due to the size and volume of registrations. Contact the ACCEPS Treasurer for more information about large events.
  3. Have your finance committee members sign the completed form and mail it along with any required payment to the ACCEPS Treasurer.

Part 2. What happens during registration.

  1. People come to ACCEPS and register for your event.

Part 3. What happens afterwards.

  1. Two days after the close of the event registration, ACCEPS runs the summary for the event. The delay is to ensure that all the registrations have made it through the credit card system and have been credited to the ACCEPS bank account. ACCEPS provides a spreadsheet containing all the information for the event. This spreadsheet is sent to the Steward, Registrar, and Branch Treasurer. It contains:
    1. Gate sheets. This worksheet would be printed and used at the gate.     sample gate sheet (pdf)
      1. The gate sheets are in alphabetical order by modern last name.
      2. If you need a specialized gate sheet for any reason, this must be arranged when the event is setup.
    2. The Event Summary Report - this shows the number of people registered for each fee.    sample report

  2. The ACCEPS Treasurer sends a check for the total fees to the Branch Treasurer along with a hardcopy of the Event Summary Report for their files.

    Events with very high volume of registrations can arrange for interim payments prior to close of registration. These arrangements must be made with the ACCEPS Treasurer when the event is setup.

There will be a small fee added to each credit card transaction to cover our processing costs. The fee is set by kingdom and is usually $1, but may be larger for wars and long running events. The fee for registering for an event is listed at the bottom of the event fees screen.